Our wounds are often doorways to the best and most beautiful part of us. – D. Richo

Deciding to read a psychotherapist’s website probably means something.
Before you continue reading, please take a minute to ask yourself what you believe it means for you.

Most likely, it is not simple to pinpoint one specific reason for your interest, and in fact there may be more than one.
here could be an intellectual curiosity about psychology and psychotherapy, and this may or may not be accompanied by the awareness of pain.

I believe the goal of psychotherapy is to obtain the self-knowledge that leads to a relief from pain.

Deciding to start such a process, working together as a team with a psychotherapist, can be both empowering and frightning.
This is why my promise to each patient I encounter is that of making total respect of his or her uniqueness, the hallmark of our every step together.