Although the world is full of suffering, it is full also of the overcoming of it. – H. Keller

In my experience, the enhancement of insight is key to changing life patterns which hinder fulfillment. Psychotherapy is a relationship in which the people involved share a purpose: therapist and patient design a customized treatment meant to disclose what that particular patient – in that particular moment of his or her life – wants and needs to make life, experiences, and relationships stronger, healthier, and more satisfying.

Obtaining and maintaining a positive relationship with yourself and others, will allow relief from emotional pain and behavioral dysfunction.
The change and growth that comes from knowing yourself better will promote more effective choices in all areas of your life.

As your true self unveils, it becomes possible to understand both your past, and what YOU want for yourself today.

Psychotherapy should always help bring about the ability to see into yourself more clearly. Often, negative thinking originates from confusion, self-criticism, and emotional pain; getting to know yourself better means becoming more accepting of everything you are and feel. Ultimately, the respectful relationship that becomes possible with yourself, will enable change. It will also allow life-enriching, safe, compassionate relationships with all significant others.