Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength. – S. Freud

An initial consultation visit, will allow me to understand what key issues you are struggling with and asking help for.

The first session does not necessarily mean that a psychotherapy will begin. It gives me the opportunity to evaluate whether or not I can really begin to help you, and it gives you the chance to decide whether you feel you can entrust me with you or your family’s care.

Should we decide to work together, we will agree on a method of doing therapy that we both feel suits your personality.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length, although we can reasonably expect the first ones to be a bit longer. I am aware of the great number of emotions and feelings that may surface during the first sessions; this is why the treatment goals and the pace will be defined together and mutually agreed upon.

I will do all I can in order to build a strong working alliance in which you can experience comfort, safety, trust, and a sense of common goals. The feeling that any fear, pain, or confusion can be worked through, will bring about the positive awareness of moving toward healthier and more productive life experiences, relationships, and choices.

Fulfillment means different things to different people, and there is one thing that should NOT be expected in a successful therapy: the therapist should in no way impose his or her beliefs or points of view. All behavior has a reason, and if presuming will make it sterile, working together to understand will help achieve invigorating strength.